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Why Stainless Steel Water Tanks are Popular

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When you are thinking about buying a new water storage tank, there are several things you must consider. The important considerations for most people buying a storage tank are cost, location and size. However, another important thing that most people fail to consider when buying a water tank is the material used in its construction.

Water storage tanks are available in wide variety of materials including polyethylene, steel and concrete. Each has its own advantages. However, stainless steel water tanks are considered better than most other water storage tanks. Why?

Corrosion Protection

Stainless steel offers greater durability than concrete, plastic or carbon steel. This strong material resists oxidation by biocides and water, which is an extremely beneficial feature for businesses that need to store water in the tank or any other corrosive material. Moreover, exterior or internal coating isn’t required for these tanks.

Longevity and Durability

Stainless steel water tanks offer greater resistance to crevice corrosion, cavitation, and wear and tear in pure and contaminated waters. This material is also heat resistant and doesn’t get affected when exposed to harmful radiations. Moreover, stainless steel tanks are less likely to crack, rust or freeze.


Concrete water storage tanks are used by some people because they are less expensive than stainless steel storage tanks. However, what many users don’t realize is that concrete water storage tanks are unhygienic. They are highly susceptible to mold and bacterial growth as well as chemical leaking. Since concrete tanks are porous, they leach calcium that contaminates water.

On the other hand, stainless steel water storage tanks are hygienic. Due to the high passive-firm stability of stainless steel, this material is inert in water.


Water storage tanks manufactured using stainless steel are environment friendly. The advancements in the stainless steel production in the past many years have focused on the use of natural resources and energy. The majority of stainless steel storage tanks available now contain 60 to 70 percent recycled materials which makes them recyclable.


We have seen that many concrete water storage tanks are installed in one place and they remain in their fixed spot until they are replaced. However, this isn’t suitable for everyone. A company may need to change the location of a water tank. It’ll be almost impossible to move a fixed concrete water storage tanks. Companies who use stainless steel water storage tanks can easily move their tank to another location with a forklift. This eliminates the efforts and stress associated with moving a tank.

Aesthetic Value

Storage tanks made using plastic or concrete aren’t appealing to the eye. They look dull after only a few years of use. In most cases stainless steel water storage tanks look like new even after years of service. Moreover, they can be painted to match the surroundings.
As you can see there are several advantages of stainless steel water storage tanks that make them better than other types of storage tanks. If you are taken over by the benefits of stainless steel water storage tanks and want to buy one, contact Buckeye Fabricating.

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