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Jacketed Tanks

Buckeye Fabricating is among the premier jacketed tank fabricators in the business. We provide tailored carbon steelstainless steel, and exotic metal jacketed tanks to any and every industry requiring temperature-sensitive tanks.

Dimpled Jacketing

Dimpled jacketed tanks are an economical solution to reduce tank weight and wall thickness, as well as cost. However, they are not a good choice for applications involving thermally shocking the tank.

Half-pipe Jacketing

Half-pipe jacketed tanks are suitable for large-tank applications that require controlled, uniform coverage.

Conventional (Double Wall) Jacketing

Conventional (or double-wall) jacketed tanks offer more heating or cooling flexibility when sectioned into zones. Uniform coverage is available with the addition of spiral baffling in the jacket space. However, this superior coverage and thermal transfer comes at the cost of a heavier and thicker tank.

Each Buckeye tank is fully customizable and fabricated to meet the highest quality standards. Our jacketed tanks can be made according to ASME code or non-code as needed. We’ve manufactured mixing tanks, resin tanks, melter tanks, ASME code and non-code tanks, as well as countless other jacketed vessels.
If tank temperature is an important part of your plan, then Buckeye is an important part of your tank fabrication. Contact us for more information on how we can help your specific project application.

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