NAICS: 332420    CAGE Code 1XWD0

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Buckeye Fabricating make its own design drawings?

Yes, we produce our own ASME Sec. VIII, Div. 1 fabrication drawings as well as ASME calculations. Our Engineering team also provides one of the fastest turnaround times for these packages with a 7-business day or faster guarantee.

Does Buckeye Fabricating fabricate tanks that are for food or potable water (polished/sanitary)?

We do not have the capability to fabricate tanks that need a sanitary finish. This would include markets in pharmaceuticals as well as in the food/beverage industry where the tank will be touching the product. Here are a few examples of our stainless steel finishes:

What materials can Buckeye Fabricating use to fabricate tanks?

Our capabilities include the following materials: Carbon Steel, 300 Series Stainless Steel, Duplex 2205, Alloy 20, 254 SMO, Hastelloy, Nickel 200, as well as other Nickel Alloy materials.

What size range of tanks can Buckeye Fabricating build?

Our tanks range from as small as a 2-inch diameter up to a 12-foot diameter and everything between. We can also fabricate anything from a 2-inch length up to approximately a 45-foot length. Our current crane capacity is 20,000 pounds but depending on tank configuration we can handle up to 30,000 pound vessels.

If you require tanks larger than we can provide, please reach out to our sister company Tate Metalworks. You can reach them at

What is the highest pressure that you can build to?

We can build vessels to 3,000 PSI

Does Buckeye Fabricating provide Nondestructive Examination (NDE)?

Yes, we can provide radiography, dye penetrant, mag particle, Charpy impact, as well as other forms of testing upon request.

Is Buckeye Fabricating able to fabricate square or rectangular tanks?

We do not have the capability to fabricate square or rectangular pressure/vacuum vessels.

Does Buckeye Fabricating carry any tanks in stock?

No, we do not have a product line of tanks in stock. We custom fabricate tanks per each customers’ unique requirements.

Can you build tanks at my site?

We do not offer field erected vessels but our sister company Tate Metalworks does. Contact them for more information at

Who can repair a pressure vessel?

An organization that has obtained a Certificate of Authorization for pressure vessel repairs from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors is allowed to repair pressure vessels.

Are pressure vessel requirements the same everywhere?

No, while they are very similar, there are subtle variations within the U.S. as the legislature in each state is responsible for determining local requirements. The same applies to other North American countries whose regulations also differ slightly. Local regulations should always be consulted.

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