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Get the Highest Quality OEM Vessels at the Best Prices with Buckeye Fabricating Company

Buckeye Fabricating Company is proud to be one of the leading pressure vessel manufacturers and pressure tank service providers to OEMs. Our expansive OEM services, which range from pressure tank design to packaged pressure vessel systems, have enabled us to become an integral player in our customers’ production operations by producing exceptional pressure vessel products and finished assemblies. In building modular or packaged pressure tank systems, Buckeye’s OEM services provide a complete turnkey resource.

Partner in Efficiency

For over five decades, we have developed and fostered close partnerships that resulted in the highly efficient construction of pressure tank product lines and complete pressure vessel systems. If you have pressure vessel or packaged pressure tank system designs and want them built by some of the best pressure vessel manufacturers in the industry, Buckeye’s OEM services will serve as the extension of your business that gets it done.

Our goal is for you to know Buckeye Fabricating Company for our unparalleled quality, speed, technical capability and reliability in producing the highest quality custom pressure vessels, stainless steel tanks, storage tanks, pressure tanks and OEM vessels available. You can count on our OEM services to provide you with an industry-leading experience and value.

Buckeye’s OEM customers know that we are committed to exceptional customer service. We don’t have a product line, per se. We have a service line. We build what you want and work with you on the details – all with the fastest deliveries and most competitive pricing.

Certified ASME Pressure Vessels

Paying attention to quality means that Buckeye Fabricating Company pays extremely careful attention to the standards and specifications as stated in the ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers code for all pressure vessels. We also have an extensive system for quality control to properly construct and design, inspect and pressure-test all vessels we produce. Our attention to quality is evident in the end result and you won’t be disappointed, that is for sure! In fact, our clients understand that they can trust us to produce the best pressure vessels for them.

Quality that You Can Trust

Functioning for more than five decades, Buckeye Fabricating has developed a system that results in producing OEM vessels, pressure tanks and more that are counted among the best. From customization options to ready-made ones, you can pick and choose to get stellar OEM vessels that work well in conjunction with your services and can ensure that you have happy clients as well.

Over the years, we have also built up a team of experienced individuals who understand how to custom craft different OEM vessels with expertise. Our experience and our team have allowed us to claim to provide unparalleled quality and build immense reliability in our products which are offered at the most competitive prices.

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