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Test Chambers

We Manufacture Custom Steel Test Chambers

Buckeye Fabricating is one of the leading manufacturers of custom test chambers. We are a trusted resource, helping universities, government agencies and the scientific community with their custom steel test chamber needs.

Environmental Test Chamber

Chamber testing involves testing and exposing products to various environmental conditions in a controlled setting. Climatic Chamber testing and Thermal Shock testing are part of chamber testing. Climatic Chamber testing is a broad category of ways to simulate climate or excessive ambient conditions exposure for a product or a material under laboratory-controlled yet accelerated conditions. On the other hand, Thermal Shock testing is used to simulate how materials will react when exposed to changes in extreme climatic conditions, such as going from extremely cold to extremely hot in a very short period of time.

Test Chambers Big To Small

As test requirements may be relatively simple or complex, custom steel test chambers vary widely in sizes, ranging from small units designed for placement on bench tops to large walk-in chambers. Test chambers generally have viewports or video feeds to allow for visual inspection of the sample during the test. Reach-in chambers provide an opening that the technicians may use to handle test samples.

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