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What is the purpose of a Jacketed Tank?

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f you’ve browsed our site, you’ve probably noticed we offer a line of fully customizable jacketed tanks.  But what exactly is a jacketed tank and why would you need one?

Think of a jacketed tank, also known as a jacketed vessel, like a beer koozie or a thermos.   A thermos wraps the container in a second layer to regulate the temperature of the contents within.  Depending on the contents, a thermos might keep it hot or cold.  In the same way, a jacketed tank is designed to keep the contents hot or cold through its “jacket” enclosure.

Jacketed tanks have many design variations to accommodate a wide range of industries and  applications. Companies that use wax for home and bath products use jacketed melter tanks to bring the materials to a manageable consistency. Similarly, the food sector uses jacketed stainless steel tanks to temper chocolate and sugary confections.

Conventional jackets are a common design, featuring a solid shell over part of the tank and no internal components.  The fluid regulating temperature flows between the jacket and the tank, though it isn’t the most price efficient method for heat transfer.  Half-pipe coil jackets, on the other hand, are wrapped horizontally in pipes that have been split lengthwise for better circulation.

Buckeye Fabricating can provide a custom jacketed tank to suit your application, but more importantly, we can provide expertise.  If you are unsure which tank is right for you, contact us.  Our team is ready to take your call and make sure the next tank you purchase is exactly the tank you need.

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