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Top 5 Blogs Engineers Should be Reading

The value of information can not be understated. For both commercial and industrial engineering, information is key to the generation of new and innovative ideas that help propel your business forward. The internet is flooded with valuable resources and it can be difficult to determine which blogs offer the most valuable and credible information.

Below are the top engineering blogs with relevant information to help keep you up to date with industry news and developments.

Engineering Ethics Blog

Delivered by a professor of engineering at the University of Texas at San Marcos, this blog is among the top ranked in any category. Discussing topics related to engineering ethics and covering aspects that include engineering disasters and more, it is a good place to stay on top of your ethics game.

The Safety Zone by C&EN

Produced by a PHD in Chemistry, this blog covers safe practices in both the chemical and engineering industries, as well as commercial concerns. Focusing more on productive operating procedures, this particular blog covers a wide variety of material ranging from general safety in production to safely handling materials.

Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog

There are numerous science sites that provide plenty of general information but this particular blog is unique. From microengineering to biology and beyond, this blog brings engineering and more onto your computer screen.

Wit And Wisdom Engineering Blog

A blog that blends the elements of engineering, environment and economics together to bring forth a comprehensive portfolio of information. It also has connections to other engineering blogs of the author’s choosing and it is a great place to start when looking for a blog to follow.

Engineering.Com Blogs

All things engineering, all day, every day. From the latest and greatest to the considered and absurd, this blog is the top spot for any engineer or student of engineering.

All of the above blogs are the highest ranked blogs in terms of traffic, ranking and quality as well have been rated by multiple agencies and organizations to provide the most valuable information for engineering professionals. Importantly, you are not limited to these blogs and the more information you have the better and that includes blogs.

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