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Top 3 Reasons Customized Pressure Vessels are Ideal for Your Needs

Customized pressure vessels are used in a variety of applications. High quality and durable vessels can be specifically designed to fit any just about any operating system. Pressurized equipment requires durable construction to withstand the rigorous conditions and continual use that they receive. Breakdowns and poor quality can be disastrous and expensive.

Poorly constructed pressure vessels present a huge risk of physical injury and damage in any situation. Compliance with the stringent standards of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is essential in the design and manufacture of pressurized holding equipment. A positive industry reputation with a long-standing presence is important in identifying a fabrication company that produces this critical equipment. Ultimately, there are a few key reasons why it’s ideal to purchase a customized pressure vessel for your needs.

Customizing for Volume Throughout

When new equipment is required as a replacement or to fit a new system, design issues should be carefully evaluated to ensure that the custom pressure vessel is sufficient for the volume and will function properly with other equipment. When you employ a reputable fabricator, an experienced design engineer will take your specification into account and design precisely the type and capacity of pressure vessel that is best for your needs.

Customizing for the Product Types

Though the functions of pressure vessels may be generally similar, pressure ratings, applications, temperature exposures, required corrosion resistance, sizes and shapes are all over the board. Companies like Buckeye Fabricating serve customers in a vast range of industries. Our clients operate in a variety of fields and we design custom pressure vessels according to their needs.

For example, customized pressure vessels for the petrochemical industry should easily handle specific levels of corrosiveness. Special attention must be paid to the welding process and material to ensure that corrosion does not appears.

Customizing Materials and Production

Custom pressure vessels should be constructed of pressure vessel quality (PVQ) steel. Frequently used carbon and stainless steel typically offers the most strength and durability for the price. Our team of experts have the skills and tools needed to provide custom designs with specific materials that apply to your needs.

Jacketed vessels are required for certain applications, such as heating or cooling media while it is being held in the pressurized vessel. The fabrication of this style of tank requires very sophisticated techniques for welding and assembly. Careful planning is required to produce this type of equipment.

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