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The Tanks that Serve Process Heating

Buckeye Fabricating

Steel pressure vessels and storage tanks are essential to the daily operations of the process heating industry. But what is process heating? The term is as wide as it is vague. In general, process heating systems are used to heat materials and products that may be volatile or sensitive to transition heating methods. Depending on the application or industry, process heating can look very different and have a multitude of special requirements.

Buckeye Fabricating is well versed in the many facets of process heating. Our desuperheaters are custom fabricated to reduce the temperature of vapor and can be found in several applications. While some clients utilize these tanks for steam cooling, they also serve to reduce the temperature of other gas vapors.

We also provide our process heating customers with pressurized flash tanks manufactured to ASME code. Just like it sounds, flash tanks allow high pressure condensate to flash to reduce pressure and temperature. The steam is then either discharged from the system or returned to the condensate receiver to be reused.

Blowdown or blow off tanks are another product in high demand in process heating. These tanks are also made-to-order while meeting ASME code. Blowdown tanks receive and reduce the temperature of liquids and scale causing solids from the process steam boiler, and are essential to any company utilizing process steam boilers. Our tanks can be used in conjunction with multiple boilers, intermittent or continuous blowdown.

When you are looking for a custom steel tank for thermal heating needs, Buckeye Fabricating is an easy choice. Don’t waste your time with a manufacturer who is reluctant to customize to suit your needs or worse, doesn’t understand your needs at all. Contact us today and our specialized team will help you find the product that is right for you.

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