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The Secret of Successful Pressure Vessel Manufacturers

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Buyers of pressure vessels are confronted by an enormous selection of potential pressure vessel manufacturers, and it’s not easy to differentiate between these suppliers.

One good method is to evaluate your potential supplier by using the attributes of top manufacturers of pressure vessels. Here are a few of their secrets.

The Secret of Successful Pressure Vessel Manufacturers

Quality Management

Successful manufacturers of pressure vessels are extremely particular about quality. They recognize the only way to be sure that a vessel is fit for its intended purpose is to prepare a detailed quality plan that ensures all relevant ASME requirements are met, as well as incorporating all design specifications of the customer. The quality plan should encompass material selection, material certification, and manufacturing processes, pressure testing and non-destructive inspections.

Metallurgy and Welding

Successful pressure vessel manufacturers employ experienced engineers who have detailed knowledge of the different steels and alloys used in the manufacture of pressure vessels. They know how to select the correct weld procedure and process for your design. They have access to the latest edition of the ASME code..

Related to this is the employment of top-class ASME code welders. These welders have quarterly weld process certification reviews with the quality control manager to ensure all are up to date on their qualification.

Customer Service

Although pressure vessel manufacturers have the onerous responsibility of ensuring their tanks conform to relevant standards, they must not let this distract them from the need to provide top-class customer service. Successful pressure vessel manufacturers recognize that their customers’ needs are important. A hallmark of a successful manufacturer is the degree to which the organization is transparent with the customer, providing straight and honest feedback during the manufacturing process.

Use these points to help you evaluate pressure vessel manufacturers. And as you conduct your evaluation, remember that talk is cheap: spend time verifying what you have been told and conduct a careful inspection of the pressure vessel manufacturer’s premises and processes. If needed, use an independent evaluator to assess details that are beyond your field of competence.

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