The Art of Welding

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Replacing the rivet as a means of forming a connection, welding is the fusion of metal to metal that creates a bond that is stronger than that of the base metals to be fused. Commonly thought of as just an industrial process, it is more than just putting metal elements together. It is a creative combination of metallic constructs that become a work of art. With spark and rod, metal undergoes a transformation into a single, intertwined crystalline structure that that is made stronger than that of the surrounding metal.

The Art of Welding

Different Welding Means

Welding has come along way since it’s early introduction in the 1900’s. The most commonly used type is the shielded arc welding, in which a rod covered in flux is used to generate the fusion of metals. In all, arc welding consists of gas tungsten, also called TIG welding, Gas metal, known as MIG welding, Submerged arc, flux cored and electroslag welding. Each welding process has its own purpose making it important for the individual welder to be knowledgeable in the various types and when each should be used.

The Art of Welding

Welds are critical to the integrity of any fabrication involving metal to be joined. Thus welds must be created with perfect form and function. This takes a high degree of skill and a commitment to seeing the job though. Patience, focus and a keen eye are also part of the welder’s tool box. A welder places part of himself in every weld to make sure the weld is strong and certain. It takes years to generate the experience to master the art of welding and companies are willing to pay generously for those who are considered experts in the field.

Welding is not just putting two pieces of metal together. It is a fusion that is as much a work of art as it is a connection. It is applying two separate sections and creating a new, stronger bond for one continuous, whole. It is as much a metaphor for civilization and life as it is a skill and a job. Welding takes passion and a dedication to a higher degree of purpose than many truly understand. Welding holds, connects and solidifies industry and society together.

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