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Tanks that Serve the Pulp & Paper Industry

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Whether or not you realize it, you rely on the Pulp and Paper Industry each and every day in both your home and business.  The Pulp and Paper Industry is responsible for making taking raw wood and transforming it into pulp and paper products used worldwide, from restaurants to chemical plants, bathrooms to backyards.


Pulp is the fibrous material derived from wood through processes such as mechanical pulping, thermomechanical pulping, or chemithermomechanical pulping.  Each process has pros and cons: the energy required, the durability of the finished product, and the timeframe of the process, to name a few.  In addition, each of these requires tanks to store the raw materials and chemicals and regulate temperature.  For example, cooked pulp is discharged into a blowdown tank where it releases steam and vapors.  This also allows the opportunity for additional treatments, such as bleaching.


Pulp can be pressed, expressed and dried to create newspapers, toiletries, and magazines.  As with pulp manufacturing, the industrial papermaking process relies on a myriad of vessels to not only store materials throughout the process, but also to implement the process itself.  Vacuum receivers are one such tank.  A vacuum pump will separate the fibers from air and water and then convey the materials to the vacuum receiver.  The receiver ensures the material is isolated before passing it on to the next phase in the papermaking process.

So where does the Pulp and Paper Industry turn to when they need custom manufactured tanks and vessels?  You guessed it, Buckeye Fabricating.  We can customize any steel tank needed to serve in your pulp or paper facility, and we can even help with manways.  Call today and ask how our non-code and ASME pressure vessels can work for you.

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