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Tanks that Serve the Oil and Gas Industry

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Petroleum keeps the world in motion. We rely on the Oil and Gas industry to not only fuel our vehicles, but also to fuel manufacturing, transportation, electricity generation, as well as chemical and material production. Although we all rely upon the industry day in and day out, it has increasingly been under scrutiny over health and environmental safety concerns.

There is no question that the leaders in the petroleum field take safety seriously, and so do we. Buckeye Fabricating manufactures a variety of reliable custom tanks and vessels used in the Oil and Gas industry to achieve and maintain compliance with the EPA’s Spill Prevent, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC).

The SPCC applies to storage tanks, such as oil storage vessels, which are often used to store waste oil. The SPCC requires that oil only be stored in tanks designed for that specific purpose and that routine testing be conducting to ensure the viability of the oil tanks.

Additional fabrication specifications and inspection requirements vary greatly depending upon the size and purpose of the tank, and whether it is stored below or above ground.

Chemical injection tanks are also used in gas pipelines, though they can be found in the water treatment industry as well. These tanks are used to add chemical treatments to treat, refine, or minimize corrosion. They work in conjunction with chemical storage tanks, pumps, and mixing tanks. As with oil tanks, chemical injection tanks may be subject to the EPA depending upon how and where they are used.

Buckeye Fabricating has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing custom steel tanks that are reliable and durable enough to withstand the pressures of the oil and gas industry. With an extensive list of options in size, tank material, and accessories, we’re sure we can build a tank that fulfills your need.

We’re industry leaders for a reason. Give us a call.

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