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Tanks that Serve the Mining Industry

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While coal most often makes headlines, the mining industry is actually responsible for unearthing limestone, gravel, salt, gold, and numerous other minerals and geological materials.  Tens of thousands of people around the world depend on mining as a career, and countless more rely on the resources it produces.  Those in the mining industry need pressure vessels and storage tanks that can stand up the pressure and Buckeye is here to help.


Buckeye provides tanks that can withstand the extreme temperatures and harsh conditions that are par for the course in mining.  Mining requires fuel storage tanks and water storage tanks like nearly every other field, but operations also require vessels not commonly found elsewhere, like ANFO pots and slurry tanks.


ANFO (ammonium nitrate/fuel oil or AN/slurry tankFO) is a dry industrial explosive that is favored for its high detonation velocity and high bulk density.  It is stored in Anfo pots, which are also known as Anfo loaders, and then poured or pneumatically loaded (blow loaded) into mine holes where it is detonated.  Anfo pots play a vital role in the prevention of accidents and water contamination at mining sites.


Slurry tanks might sound funny, but they also play a serious part in mining safety.   After the mined materials are separated from gangue, the fine mineral particles that remain, known as tailings, must be stored for transfer and disposal.  Tailings are usually produced as a slurry, meaning that they are combined with water.  The slurry must be well contained for proper removal and disposal, which is where Buckeye’s slurry tanks come into the picture.  It’s worth noting that Buckeye’s custom slurry tanks can also be found in the Dairy and Agriculture industries, where they store waste and organic matter to be converted into fertilizer.


Buckeye’s pressure vessels have been minimizing spills and ensuring safe transportation of even the most volatile substances for decades.  We provide custom ASME code steel tanks for all aspects of the mining process, including leach tanks, condensate tanks, and brake tanks, in addition to the tanks listed above.  Be sure to check out the many other industries Buckeye Fabricating serves and contact us when you’re ready for the best tank in the industry.

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