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Tanks that Serve the Green Energy Industry

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As we look to the future of powering the world, sustainable energy is becoming a bigger part of global planning and conservation efforts.  Green energy, or sustainable energy, is simply energy that has minimal collateral damage and a favorable production/consumption ratio.

Solar heating is perhaps the method most widely recognized by those outside the green energy industry, though many think of panels before they think of tanks.  In fact, those panels transfer collected heat to tanks as well.  Fluid is circulated through the panels to absorb the heat, then the fluid is passed, sometimes through a heat exchanger, to an insulated tank where the heat is stored for future use.

Thermal energy systems utilize hot water storage tanks and molten salt to store heat and that can be distributed later.  In pumped-heat electricity storage (PHES), heat recovery tanks are used in conjunction with a reversible heat-pump system to store surplus heat.  Conversely, ice tanks store frozen materials which can be thawed later to provide cool air on demand.

Hydrogen economy is another system of electrical energy storage and delivery in which tanks are critical.  Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are being explored, with careful attention being paid to the storage of hydrogen within the vehicle.  Small, compressed hydrogen tanks allow for greater efficiency as energy density is best when the gas pressure is higher.  Fueling HFCV’s requires a network of liquid hydrogen tanks, trucks to haul them, pipelines, and storage tanks.

Buckeye Fabricating partners with engineers and scientists, power plants and universities to facilitate a wide variety of clean, renewable energy sources.  The field of sustainable energy is shifting and evolving, which is why we are proud to provide customized stainless steels tank for never-before-seen applications.  The next time you need a storage tank, scrubber, or pressurized vessel, call Buckeye.

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