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Tanks That Serve the Chemical Industry

Buckeye Fabricating

Our customers in the chemical processing industry know the importance of a reliable, quality tank. That’s why when they need a custom vessel that is dependable and designed to spec, they continue to partner with us at Buckeye Fabricating.

Buckeye Fabricating manufactures tanks such as resin kettles, which can be used for numerous applications. Resin kettles are a staple in many chemical applications, but have also been found in the pharmaceutical industry, among others. Depending on the requirement of the customer, the tank may need to be designed to handle pressure, heating, cooling, and/or mixing. Our customers rely on our vast industry knowledge and experience from building over 60,000 ASME pressure tanks to provide them with a trustworthy product that meets their requirement.

Another popular style of tank Buckeye Fabricating has produced for the chemical industry is reactor vessel. These style of tanks routinely require jacketing or an internal coil for heating/cooling, as well as a design for extreme temperatures.

Buckeye Fabricating offers a full range of customizations ranging from tank size to skirting and even manways. We design, fabricate, and test our tanks in house to maintain quality from start to finish. Don’t risk the job and your safety with a chemical tank that can’t stand the heat. Contact our experienced and knowledgeable sales staff at 800-688-9821. Relax and let Buckeye Fabricating take care of it!

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