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Tanks that Serve the Aerospace Industry

Buckeye Fabricating

The Aerospace Industry is known for pioneering advancements in technology and flight.  Civilian and government agencies alike strive to further space exploration through the development of aircrafts and robotics, as well as the countless components that each are made of.  When those components are tanks, Buckeye Fabricating is on the job.


Tanks that are used in space, such as reactors, must be lightweight, able to handle extreme temperatures, and able to withstand pressure changes.  Our carbon steel reactors are compatible with heatpipe and fission power systems.  Buckeye is also closely following the renewed interest in nuclear reactor power systems and anticipating further developments in their feasibility.


Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at Buckeye and our aerospace tanks are no exception.  What is safe for a fuel tank that will be attached to a truck is not necessarily safe for a fuel tank that attached to a spacecraft.  Fortunately, Buckeye has years of experience and a proven track record manufacturing tanks that never put personnel or equipment at risk.  Whether or not it will ever leave our atmosphere, a Buckeye tank is both sound and functional.


At Buckeye Fabricating, we’ve made a commitment to providing the aerospace industry, as well as all industries, with the best in service and quality manufacturing.  When you are looking for a company that can appreciates the nuances of your specific application, you don’t have to search the galaxy or even the globe.  Just call Buckeye.

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