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National Board Registered UM’s

Buckeye Fabricating

Did you know that we register all of our miniature pressure vessels (UM’s) with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors?

The National Board was founded in 1919 with a goal of increasing safety in boilers and pressure vessels. They established worldwide industry standards and a comprehensive examination to create uniformity and ensure adherence to laws and regulations. In addition, the NB provides training and instruction to educate pressure vessel professionals and inspectors on best practices.

Our customers appreciate the added layer of quality as well as the information tracked through the National Board. Repairs and alterations are easily tracked and available in a free data report.

National Board registration also ensures that the device will be insured and can be installed almost anywhere. Even if the jurisdiction doesn’t require NB registration, your insurance company might. Additionally, without an NB number, the number of places the vessel can be installed is greatly limited.

Adding the National Board registration to all of our UM’s is just another example of how at Buckeye Fabricating, we are Masters of Custom Steel Tank Fabrication. If you’d like to discuss your pressure tanks needs, contact us today. We invite you to take advantage of our 50+ years of experience.

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