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Is Your Fabricator ASME Certified?

In the process of procuring a pressure vessel or tank from a fabricator, you have probably been presented with the terms, “ASME Certified”. Far more than a buzzword or marketing cliche, ASME certification is a rigorous and demanding process that ensures the safe and reliable fabrication of your equipment.

ASME certification means that your fabricator has undergone the meticulous process to comply with the stringent guidelines passed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The placement of the ASME stamp on your vessel is not only a source of pride for the fabricator but it gives you the knowledge that your equipment is backed by generations of dedicated engineers who want to provide you with the safest equipment possible.

At the height of the industrial revolution, failure of pressure vessels and boilers were all too common. From factories to steam ships, this equipment was ubiquitous and prone to failure, often with catastrophic results. From the ashes of many disasters arose a cry for something to be done to establish a safety regime that would reduce these types of events. This is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Covering all aspects of pressure vessel and boiler design and fabrication, ASME certification is vital to the safe operation of all types and sizes of equipment in use across the globe.

Profound Safety

ASME certification also includes the proper training of personnel and provides documentation of every step of the fabrication process. However, not just every fabricator can have the ASME stamp. Only those fabricators who have completed the demanding process of inspections, documentation and other elements, are granted the ASME stamp and only on those projects that they are certified by the ASME to fabricate. The ASME maintains a searchable record of the individuals, shops, and fabricators that are certified under their program. Additionally, the fabricator will often be able to produce a certificate letter to further prove their certification by the ASME.

Being ASME Certified means being dedicated to following the standards set forth by the ASME and it is an important way to determine if a fabricator is right for your business. Engaging an ASME certified fabricator gives your company the assurance that the equipment provided is safe to use in your operations. Only a fabricator who has the determination to provide a safe and quality product and has met the rigorous standards of the ASME certification process will provide the ASME stamp.

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