NAICS: 332420    CAGE Code 1XWD0

Duplex 2205 Tanks

Buckeye Fabricating is glad to offer the option of a nitrogen enhanced stainless steel: Duplex 2205. Duplex 2205 is neither ferritic or austenitic, but instead it has the best properties of both. Duplex 2205 tanks and vessels are an affordable, corrosion resistant tank that is ready for almost anything.

Duplex 2205 – also known as Alloy 2205, UNS S32205, or UNS31803 – is frequently used for tanks in Oil & GasChemical, and Process Heating industries. Our duplex 2205 tanks reliably serve in many capacities, such as chemical storage tanks, separator tanks, and heater tube shells.

Key Features

Duplex 2205 is highly resistant to hydrogen sulphide as well as sulphuric, phosphoric and nitric acids. Tanks made of duplex 2205 are tough against chloride stress corrosion cracking, crevice or pitting corrosion, and erosion corrosion. In addition, duplex 2205 is stronger than standard stainless steel, with high thermal conductivity.

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