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Do I need a vacuum tank?

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Most people think of vacuum cleaners when the term “vacuum” is mentioned, but vacuum chambers are present in nearly every industry.  A vacuum tank is part of a system that filters air or fluids through suction, outgassing, pumping, or a combination of techniques.  Vacuums use pressure to prevent contamination, purify, dehydrate, and even power.  Not all vessels are able to withstand the difference in internal and external pressure that results from a vacuum.  For this reason, when designing a system that will utilize variations in internal and external pressure, it is critical to consider if a vacuum tank will be necessary to ensure the system’s success as well the safety of the operator.  Important factors to consider include:

·        What is the operating pressure of the vacuum?

·        What materials will the system process?

·        What environment will the system operate in?

The tank you use should be designed specifically to accommodate your answers to the above.   It is never safe to assume the operational capabilities of a tank.  If the limitations, including pressure and vacuum strengths, are not specified or are incompatible with your system, choose another tank.  This may mean selecting a different tank material, a non-corrosive finish, or a tank specifically designed to maintain a vacuum against external pressure.

In addition to the above, there are other tank features that should be part of your design:

·        Is tank access needed?

·        How will the tank be oriented?

·        What tank material will be best?

·        What type of flanges or nozzles are necessary?

·        Will the tank be portable or mounted?

·        Does the tank need to be made to ASME code?

Buckeye can assist with designing a tank that will meet your needs and allow for safe and successful vacuum operations.  We offer multiple types of manways, flanges, and nozzles, horizontal and vertical orientation, ASME-code vacuum tanks, as well as non-code tanks.  While we recommend stainless steel and carbon steel for your vacuum tanks, we also offer exotic metal and alloy tanks.

Talk to an expert at Buckeye about your specific application and whether a designated vacuum tank is necessary.

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