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Differences Between the Available Steel Finishes

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Metal finishing treats the exterior of a metal product by applying a thin, complementary layer to its surface in order to increase durability, add aesthetic appeal, and in some case, improve chemical resistance. Buckeye Fabricating offers a variety of finishes that can be tailored to your specifications.

Currently we offer six types of finishes for carbon and stainless steel: primed exterior, mill, sandblasted, glass bead blasted, enamel painted, and epoxy painted. The standard finish for carbon steel is a primed exterior and for stainless steel, the standard finish is a mill finish.

Primed Exterior Finish

Our standard for carbon steel tanks, primed exterior, is coated with a layer of primer and ready to receive either enamel or epoxy paint.

Mill Finish

Our standard finish for stainless steel tanks is a mill finish. The appearance of this finish is a dull-gray, matte with a typical Ra value of approximately 3.5 – 7.5 µm This type of finish is used across industrial applications in which a specific finish is not required.


A sandblasted finish is achieved when the steel surface is subjected to a stream of high velocity sand. The sand removes scale, crusted material, grind marks, and weld discoloration and creates a surface that is course to the touch. This finish is popular for applications that benefit from an aesthetically pleasing uniform appearance.

Glass Bead Blasted

Like sandblasting, glass bead blasting also removes surface deposits, but with glass beads rather than sand, resulting in a finer texture. This type of finish also creates an aesthetically pleasing, uniform appearance, but can be more expensive than sandblasting.


We offer two types of painted finishes: enamel and epoxy. Paint prevents rust and offers you a way to differentiate the tank using color. Buckeye Fabricating’s epoxy paint is suitable for potable water tanks, as well as NSF 61 requirements.

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