NAICS: 332420    CAGE Code 1XWD0

Blowdown Tanks

Our reputation precedes us and it’s no wonder why. Buckeye Fabricating has over 50 years of experience manufacturing ASME code and non-code pressure vessels and storage tanks. The blowdown tank is just one example of Buckeye’s many carbon and stainless steel tanks we custom fabricate.

Also known as blow off tanks, blowdown tanks receive hot water or steam discharged from a boiler. Once inside the tank, the pressure and temperature of the water is reduced to a manageable state. This prevents the discharge from being sent directly to a sewer or onto nearby employees. These vessels allow for safe boiler operation, as well as the treatment or reuse of blowdown.

Blowdown tanks from Buckeye can be used to receive intermittent or continuous blowdown, as well the discharge from multiple boilers. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow for almost any size tank, as well numerous customizations for pressure, temperature, and other specifications. If you have questions along the way, we’re here to help.

Buckeye Fabricating manufactures tanks vital to nearly any industry you can imagine. For more information or to begin your next project, contact us today.

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