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Are You Dealing with Your Pressure Tank Manufacturer Correctly?

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When working with a pressure tank manufacturer, it’s essential that you do your homework and maintain effective communication. By doing so, you will expedite manufacturing and ensure you receive your tank on-time and within budget. However, if your team’s actions interrupt manufacturing, the likelihood is that your tank will be delayed and accrue additional costs. Here are a few tips to develop a satisfying relationship with your pressure tank manufacturer and help ensure successful completion of the work.

Are You Dealing with Your Pressure Tank Manufacturer Correctly?

Do Your Groundwork

A common problem is that once the fabrication drawing has been approved, changes are made to the design. Apart from the disruption, the changes required are likely add much more cost than if they had been included in the original specification. So before approving a design, take time to carefully confirm what is required and include full details of any changes prior to approval.


While it’s natural that you will want to obtain the best possible price, be aware that if you insist only the lowest price, it’s likely that the pressure tank manufacturer will have to cut his costs and you could end up with a product that does not meet your requirements.

Prompt Attention

Make sure your technical staff responds promptly to requests for information as well as to any questions that arise during manufacture. If there are hold points in the contract where your approval, or that of your representative, is required, ensure that the inspections and approvals are completed on time. Another benefit of full attendance at meetings is that you will be kept appraised of any issues.

Progress Payments

Where progress payments are agreed during negotiations, you should make certain that your finance department processes these payments expeditiously because late payment is likely to hold up work on your tank. If your organization works strictly to a philosophy of paying a certain number of days after receipt of invoice or after month end, ensure these terms are made known to the manufacturer during negotiations.

Although these points may seem obvious, they are common reasons why manufacturer’s costs increase and completion is delayed. It is important keep them in mind in order to build your relationship with your pressure tank manufacturer.

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