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A Comparison of Stainless Steel Tanks with Plastic Tanks

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For innumerable years, large water tanks have been used for the purpose of storing water for farming, emergencies, drinking, and even manufacturing. Even in the water recycling plants, when the water is deemed drinkable after the recycling process, it has to be stored in gigantic tanks in order to ensure its safety and cleanliness.

Although, plastic tanks were once considered a suitable option for commercial purposes, despite having several advantages of being cheaper and lightweight than stainless steel tanks, they’re no longer considered the most viable option these days.
Now let’s take a look at the comparison of these two options and find out why stainless steel tanks are recommended over the plastic ones.

1- Stainless Steel Tanks Are More Durable

Plastic tanks are susceptible to leaks caused by even a slight force or pressure. The quality of the plastic may wear out with time, causing the tank to leak. Also, they are quite vulnerable to corrosion, expansion and contraction depending on the changes in climatic temperature. This is why replacing plastic tanks is considered necessary after a few years. This is an added expense as well. On the other hand, stainless steel water tanks are totally resistant to corrosion and they last much longer.

2- Stainless Steel Tanks Are Safe to Move

Plastic tanks may be lighter in weight, but the stainless steel tanks are safer to move. The reason for this is that plastic water tanks can easily be damaged which will cause them to leak if their transportation is not done with care. However, with stainless steel tanks you don’t have to worry about them being damaged if transported from one place to another. They are very rough and tough and sturdy in construction. They might have to be lifted by a forklift, but even if they fall, they won’t be damaged unlike plastic water tanks.

3- Stainless Steel Tanks Are Safer

Plastic water tanks are prone to mold growth and bacteria. Since worn out plastic can leak, seepage is also an ordinary problem with them. Thus, reasons as such increase the risk of water getting contaminated, making it unsafe for drinking purposes especially. In comparison, stainless steel water tanks are not of such nature. They do not leak, thus, they don’t allow bacteria to enter. Also, stainless steel tanks are resistant to fire unlike plastic ones, and because of their heavier weight, it’s difficult to vandalize them or steal them.

4- Stainless Steel Tanks Are Easily Recycled

Today, everything is about keeping our environment safe. Plastic, we all know, is not that kind of material. But stainless steel is easily recycled and can be reused to make other products from it.

So when you compare the stainless steel tanks with the plastic ones, the steel ones seem to be a better option by all means. Knowing that stainless steel tanks are more durable, safe to be moved around and easy to maintain, they should be your choice for all commercial purposes as well. So contact Buckeye Fabricating for more details and specifications, and for the best range of stainless steel water tanks.

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