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5 Things Every Pressure Vessel Fabricator Should Have

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The fabrication of pressure vessels is not for the faint of heart. Safety is always paramount due to the enormous amount of energy stored inside a pressure vessel. This energy could lead to serious consequences should any part fail.

5 Things Every Pressure Vessel Fabricator Should Have

There are many detailed requirements that a pressure vessel fabricator needs to meet in order to manufacture pressure vessels. To an extent these can be categorized as follows.

Manufacturers’ Accreditation

It is key for manufacturers of pressure vessels to have ASME certification as many states and jurisdictions require this of all pressure vessels. This information is available in the National Board Synopsis of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Laws. Section VIII of ASME deals with Pressure vessels, but compliance with other sections is also obligatory. These include material specifications (ASME II), non-destructive examinations (ASME V) and welding qualifications (ASME IX).

Quality Assurance Program

It’s essential for the pressure vessels fabricator to have an audited and approved quality assurance program so each and every aspect of the manufacture of pressure vessels can be monitored and managed.

Qualified and Certified Staff

Critical staff, especially welders, must be certified and registered by the ASME. All welders have to be approved for the weld procedure they undertake. Care must always be taken to ensure that the welders are trained to perform each and every weld.

Material Certification and Traceability

The origin of every component used in the manufacturing of the pressure vessel must be traceable. A material test report is required for each pressure retaining part. The information in a material test report includes origin of the material, the manufacturer, and the chemical properties. All documentation pertaining to the pressure vessel must be retained for future verification and/or follow up.

Inspection Facilities

Every pressure vessel fabricator should have an in-house inspection department. These experts have the technical knowledge to verify every step of the manufacturing process to ensure compliance with ASME. Although it may be a requirement to use external inspectors for certification, the in-house team is able to ensure the work is performed correctly.

By ensuring that these five requirements are met, a pressure vessel fabricator will be able to verify the pressure vessels manufactured by the organization comply in every respect.

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