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3 Common Industrial Storage Tanks To Know About In 2018

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Industrial storage tanks are containers that are used for storing large amount of liquids and gases for an extended time period.

These tanks are often in a cylindrical shape and are mostly placed at a 90 degree angle from the ground. Although they are simply used for holding any substance that’s needed to be stored, the industrial storage tanks are created under tight regulations. These regulations ensure that the tanks are made of only the appropriate materials and that the quality isn’t being compromised.

Storage tanks are available in a wide range throughout the industry. The type of an industrial storage tank a plant requires depends upon many factors. These factors include the shape, measurement and holding capacity of the container.

Some of the most commonly used industrial tanks are:

1. Internal Floating Roof

The internal floating roof tank is popularly called IFR and is used for liquids with lower melting points such as Ethanol and Gasoline. This industrial storage tank is in a cone shape and has a floating roof inside, hence the name floating roof tank. The roof suspended inside the tank can be seen moving along the fluid level that is as the liquid increases the roof goes up and so on. In case there is no liquid inside the tank then the roof is held up by the legs it is placed on.

2. External Floating Roof

The EFRs or external floating roof tanks are mostly open at the top and also don’t have a permanent roof. They are the best type of industrial storage tanks to hold liquids like Kerosene, Crude oil and Diesel as they have a lower density. There is a radar gauge mounted on an EFR’s floating roof to protect anyone from falling into the tank and also to keep the liquid inside from getting contaminated. Most tank installation companies recommend equipping the tank with a roof reflector for better radar dimensions.

3. Bullet Tanks

Bullet tanks are the flat and sphere-shaped industrial storage tanks that are mostly used in large plants. They are generally preferred over other types of industrial tanks to contain liquefied gases such as Ammonia and Butane which have a very low melting point.
The bullet tank holds these liquids under a temperature of below -148 degrees Fahrenheit and has derived its name from its long cylindrical form. The tanks are mostly able to hold a huge quantity of gases ranging from 5,000 to even 30,000 gallons and can be installed both vertically and horizontally. Bullet tanks also provide a unique feature of being able to hold fuel and other additives needed for the plant’s operation.

The above storage tanks are mostly seen installed around various plants and are also deemed as most effective in holding sensitive gases and liquids but to know more about which type of industrial storage tanks best meet your requirements, it is suggested to consult your nearest tank fabrication company.

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