Reactor Vessels

Buckeye Fabricating Company has the capability and experience to construct custom pressure vessels, including reactor vessels, to your exact project specifications.  We know that special project-type reactor vessels begin with carefully detailed design drawings, and require the ability to manufacture parts to critical tolerances.

We can incorporate jacket designs, sight windows and mixer loadings into your reactor vessel upon request.  Whether you need a small reactor vessel like those we produce for OEMs or one of the large custom pressure vessels that we typically fabricate for many chemical product manufacturers, we are confident that you will find the Buckeye Fabricating Company experience ideal for your next reactor vessel project.

Custom Pressure Vessels:  Following ASME Tank Guidelines

Due to their potentially hazardous nature, custom pressure vessels require specific industry knowledge and expertise to manufacture.  Buckeye Fabricating Company has an extensive record of constructing safe, long-lasting, stainless steel pressure vessels and reactor vessels.  We excel in custom tailoring tanks and reactor vessels that meet not only your specific needs, but also the guidelines and regulations as determined by the ASME pressure vessel code.

Custom Design & Build, ASME Code Certified

Buckeye Fabricating Company custom builds reactor vessels specifically to your design requirements and project applications.  All of our reactor vessels are manufactured in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME pressure vessel code, and you can be sure that our extensive quality control system will result in custom pressure vessels that have been properly designed, constructed, inspected and pressure-tested.