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Why Is the ASME the Industry Standard?

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is internationally renowned for its boiler and pressure vessel code. Because of this, engineers in many countries sleep well at night knowing that pressure vessels, built to what is colloquially known as ASME Section VIII, will be safe.

Why Is the ASME the Industry Standard?

In fact, it is for this reason that many people first heard about ASME. The society is first and foremost a society of mechanical engineers and, although an American organization, has members and branches around the world.

The ASME’s certification process provides businesses and individuals with the assurance that their equipment that has been certified to the ASME standard and is well designed and fabricated.

Members of the ASME were some of the founders of the American National Standards Institute, and became themselves, an approved standard-writing organization. The standards ASME writes are prepared using the well established and effective process of technical consensus. These standards are highly regarded internationally and have stood the test of time. In some ways, they are more highly regarded than those standards developed by government-sponsored agencies in other countries.

During the preparation of a standard, ASME follows a time-honored process of ensuring a balance between the interests of all parties and makes sure that consensus achieved is as complete as possible with objections fully considered. This contrasts with the way some other international standards organizations work.

Although the ASME is first and foremost a professional society of engineers that promotes the practice of engineering, it also operates a center for research and development that seeks to further the mechanical engineering profession. However, the society’s standards work is where it has gained most recognition. Today there are more than 600 ASME standards currently in print, covering many subjects including nuclear engineering, elevators and escalators, construction and engineering design.

It is for these reasons that ASME is so highly regarded and why so many businesses, organizations and individuals strive to obtain ASME certification. As an indication of the high regard that ASME has worldwide, its boiler and pressure vessel code is accepted as a standard in 113 countries.

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