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Who is the ASME?

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To know an organization and to derive value from such knowledge necessitates an understanding of the organization and its ethics and purpose. In order to understand the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, it requires going back in time. To an age where standards and practices were as individual as the people who worked with them.

Who is the ASME?


Formed in 1880, in response to an increasing number of boiler explosions, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers brought the use of standard engineering practices to the forefront of companies who employed engineers. Over the years since its founding, the ASME has grown to be the oldest American standards organization and has had an increasingly global reach for decades. With a presence in over 150 plus countries and with 130,000 plus members worldwide, it is easy to see why the impact of the ASME is so far reaching.


Participation in the ASME is voluntary, with early membership available to students of engineering. Upon graduation or with the equivalent of eight years of engineering experience, one can achieve full membership status. The membership ranking of ASME Fellow is available to individuals who make a significant advancement in engineering and have no less than ten years of experience in an engineering discipline. Thus making it possible for all members and disciplines to be part of an organization that helps set global standards.

The benefit of membership in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is not limited to just being part of a standard setting organization as data and evidence concerning all aspects of engineering are available for members. Continued networking and career enhancements are also part of the benefits of membership. For anyone engaged in engineering, there is no reason to not join the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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