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What Qualities Should You Look For In Your Pressure Vessel Manufacturer?

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When selecting a pressure vessel manufacturer, it’s essential that the company you choose has a demonstrable track record in manufacturing the type of vessel you require. So one of your first steps should be to whittle down your list of suppliers until it only contains organizations that meet your technical criteria.

Having done that, your next step is to assess how well these companies understand the need for great customer service. Here are some qualities you should look for.

What Qualities Should You Look For In Your Pressure Vessel Manufacturer?

Attention to Detail

A good indication of a customer-focused company is their attention to detail. Do their representatives spend a lot of time making sure they have got all the technical details right? This is especially important if the vendor is responsible for the pressure vessel design and any omission could result in major delays while the fault is rectified. This attention to detail should be apparent in the vendor bids as well as during follow up discussions and meetings.

Customer Care

Another aspect is customer care. Are their technical representatives easily accessible and is there a system in place to ensure that questions are recorded and acted on immediately? The process of finalizing all the details can take some time, but if the organization responds quickly and effectively, delays will be reduced.

Do company representatives demonstrate transparency during discussions and will their staff exhibit honesty when dealing with the inevitable issues that arise during the fabrication of a pressure vessel? Integrity in business dealings is an essential quality.

Follow Through

It’s extremely important that your pressure vessel supplier follows through on all commitments made and constantly keeps you in the picture regarding the progress. Commitments that are made should be kept and delivery dates met. The pressure vessel manufacturer should ensure that there’s 100% compliance with specifications and that the vessel is built to your design.

Checkable References

It’s crucial that you speak to some of the pressure vessel manufacturer’s other customers to find out how they rated their service. Verify that their pressure vessels were built to specification, and, if there were problems, establish how those problems were dealt with. Find out whether the company provided ready access to customers to inspect and monitor the work and how they dealt with issues that arose.

Establish how documentation was handled and if the vendor provided access to material certificates, non-destructive test reports and inspection records. Finally, was the overall experience flawless?

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