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What Other Industries Does the ASME Serve?

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While the name, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, would seem to imply a limited focus, it in fact covers and any industry that employs or engages engineers. As the lines between engineering types continue to blur, the expansion of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is sure to expand in scope.

What Other Industries Does the ASME Serve?

This is in fact, a positive aspect across a broad spectrum. The ethics and standards, as represented by the ASME and in companionship with the International Standards Organization, enable corporations and countries the value of having reliable and dependable standards in which to frame policy.

Currently, the ASME is represented in various industries including: Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, Manufacturing, Processing, Energy, Construction, Technology, Automotive and most other industries utilizing applied mechanics and engineering. This list is also expanding as more and more interconnectivity takes place and a holistic approach is applied to many new and upcoming industries. Thus putting membership in a spot of prime value for those who participate in the American Society of Mechanical Engineering.

Originally conceived as a means to curtail the numerous deadly boiler vessel explosions occurring in the late 1880’s, the ASME has come a long way in helping industries develop standards and practices that promote and contribute to the continued pursuit of excellence in engineering. For over 130 years, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers have been working behind the scenes to help make the world safer and exceptional for all.

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