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Tools of the Trade: What is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

Buckeye Fabricating

Fifty years ago, CNC machines were unheard, but they are an absolutely necessity to today’s fabricators.  What are they and why is everyone in manufacturing using them?

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines have been around for quite a while, with origins dating back to the 1940’s when tools were modified with motors to follow points on punched tape.  Automation in all industries has advanced extensively since then, leading to the development of machines that can execute a series of commands pre-programmed by a computer.

Around the same time, plasma cutting emerged as an effective way to cut sheet metal.  This method uses electrically ionized gas to transfer energy to, and thereby cut, a conductive metal.  The first plasma cutters were large and inaccurate, but as CNC machining evolved, so did the effectiveness of plasma cutting.

Today, this amazing technology allows Buckeye Fabricating to quickly and efficiently make accurate cuts to steel.  The efficiency and precision enables us to manufacture small pressure tanks or tanks as large as 40 feet long. Contact us today and put our machines to the test.

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