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Tools of the Trade: AutoCAD, what is it?

Buckeye Fabricating

AutoCAD is one of the leading computer-aided design programs used by today’s architects, engineers, and designers.  Since its inception in 1984, AutoCAD has revolutionized the design rendering process, by allowing for faster creation, increased manipulation, and easier replication.


Early computer aided design programs were expensive and very limited.  These programs could only be accessed at a single work station, which prevented collaboration and sharing.  Programs were also sold for ten of thousands of dollars, making them cost prohibitive for individuals and even some companies.  Today’s AutoCAD software allows users to create 2-D and 3-D drafts that can be accessed from any PC, Mac, or even mobile device.  The price point has come down so that aspiring engineers, students, and small businesses have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with AutoCAD.


At Buckeye Fabricating, our engineers use the latest AutoCAD software to design plans for our custom steel pressure vessels and storage tanks.  AutoCAD allows us to quickly and accurately create designs specific to the project at hand, meaning we never sacrifice our customer’s needs to fit a template blueprint.


Buckeye Fabricating is committed to using the industry’s best, which is why we rely on AutoCAD as well as highly skilled employees.  We know expertise is just as valuable as technological innovations and our team of engineers and fabricators never disappoint.  When it comes to tank fabrication, Buckeye Fabricating doesn’t cut corners.  Contact us to get started on your next tank.

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