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Product Spotlight: Buckeye Manways

Buckeye Fabricating

At Buckeye Fabricating, we recognized that the standard ANSI flange and blind can sometimes create more problems than it solves. While it allows a person access to the inside of the tank, the blind can be heavy and dangerous, and depending on the design pressure of the tank, it can be cost prohibitive. With these points in mind, we developed two cost efficient manways to provide access to tank interiors while maintaining safety.

The Buckeye Bolt-On Manway has a similar design to the standard ANSI flange and blind, but it is manufactured with thinner material and fewer bolts. This design creates a light-weight custom blind cover that is perfect for non-pressurized tanks and tanks requiring API 650 code.

The Buckeye Hinged Manway is exceptional for its convenience. Instead of using a flat surface to hold pressure, we designed a dished head hinged to a matching hub. The materials are thinner and the result is a lighter, and thus, less expensive manway. The Buckeye Hinged Manway also features an O-ring gasket and swing clamps to create a tight seal without worrying about loose bolting. It is designed specifically for low to medium pressure tanks.

Our manways are just one way we are using our industry knowledge to meet the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to providing safe, cost-efficient, reliable products to our clients. To learn more about how our manways can serve your organization contact us today.

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