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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are a breed unto themselves.  By manufacturing the parts and equipment other companies require to bring a product to the market, OEMs keep us all in business.  Buckeye Fabricating wants to acknowledge the dependability and efficiency OEMs provide their customers, which is why we’ve spent years serving them in the same way they serve others.

Buckeye Fabricating produces a wide range of tanks and vessels for B2B and B2C customers, but we’ve taken our offerings a step further for original equipment manufacturers.  We begin with custom designing an OEM vessel that not only meets our customer’s needs, but also enhances productivity.  The tank is fabricated to Buckeye’s highest standard of quality, which includes rigorous testing for function and compliance.

When purchasing a tank system from Buckeye, there is no confusion over responsibility; we are your sole point of contact.   Our designs are configurable and engineered with the same tailored approach as all other Buckeye tanks.

OEM customers rely on Buckeye to serve as an extension of their business and an asset to their production operations from concept to installation.  At Buckeye, our expertise is dependable.  Our work is guaranteed. Your satisfaction is inevitable. Call us today.

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