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How to Choose Your Pressure Tank Like a Pro

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How to Choose Your Pressure Tank Like a Pro

The selection of the right manufacturer for your pressure tank is crucial. You want to be sure the manufacturer has the capability and experience to manufacture pressure vessels to the correct standards, on time and within budget. Here are some tips for choosing the right manufacturer.

Response to Inquiry

A good starting point is the response to your Inquiry. You should aim for at least three offers that comply with your specifications. Exclude anyone who doesn’t meet your deadline and also any bid not meeting all the requirements in your specification.

Manufacturing Facilities

Prepare a shortlist of two or three suppliers, and arrange to visit their facilities. Take note of who you meet, the extent of technical clarification sought and their response to your questions. Check that their facilities are suitable for manufacturing your tanks, and evaluate the condition of the equipment. Take note of what work is in progress, and ensure the facility is neat and well ordered.


Determine if the manufacturer has experience in manufacturing similar pressure vessels, look for evidence of the number manufactured and inquire if it’s possible to speak to past customers. Make sure the manufacturer has the capability and knowledge that you require.

Quality Control

Assess the quality control procedures. Ensure that all incoming material is inspected for compliance with specifications, is properly marked and stored separately from other material. Make sure that work processes are properly documented, that inspections are performed by qualified personnel and that every stage of work is controlled. Also check that the manufacturer has access to appropriate facilities to verify that material supplied complies with specification.

Technical Abilities

Ask for evidence of the technical abilities of key personnel and ensure the manufacturer has ASME certification. Look for evidence of adequate experience in the fabrication of pressure vessels and that key personnel in each field have adequate experience.


A very effective way of comparing competing bids is to list your key criteria and evaluate each supplier in terms of these criteria. Highlight any specific areas of concern and if necessary follow-up on those points. Identify the tank supplier that has the best combination of qualities required for successful completion of your work. Do not select a supplier based on the lowest price, but rather on a combination of price, the capacity to deliver on time and a demonstrated ability to properly manufacture your pressure vessel.

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