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Getting the Right Tank the First Time with Effective Communication

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Any project can be derailed by poor communication. And conversely, any project can seem miraculously smooth when an effective communicator is at the helm. There are a few communication tips and tricks anyone can borrow the next time they’re running an important project – like working with a top-notch manufacturing team to develop a custom tank—to make the process run like clockwork.

Know Who’s Who

Start by gaining a clear understanding of who does what on your engineering and manufacturing team. If you can direct requests and information to the right person, you and your team will feel far less frustrated with the potential runaround of locating the right recipient time and again and you’ll eliminate a host of misunderstandings right off the bat.

During an initial meeting get a list of names, titles, duties, and contact information for the team you’ll be working with. If you can’t decipher a clear understanding of who to send important information to, ask for a point person who can direct you whenever questions arise.

Simplify Whenever Possible

Before you send out directions or requests, review them for simplicity. A good communicator includes all the necessary information, presented as simply as possible. If you aren’t sure, ask a colleague to look over your instructions. Another set of eyes will be able to help you spot anything that’s been left out or areas of your missive that could be more easily understood if stated differently.

Many people get caught in a trap of using jargon when simple phrasing would work much better. Make sure you’re not sending information to your engineering and manufacturing team that they will have to decipher because of acronyms or phrases that are widely accepted in your company but not universally understood beyond your industry.

Speak Up

If you discover a problem, have a bad feeling about something, or suspect that there has been a misunderstanding, speak up right away. It’s impossible for others to know what you’re thinking or to guess that you suspect a problem has arisen.

However, it’s important to keep communication with your tank manufacturing team relevant and concise. Sending off too many disconnected instructions, worries, or concerns can have the opposite effect, creating unnecessary complexity rather than clarity.


Your tank manufacturing team has information to deliver to you and your project team as well. Many of your questions may be answered and your concerns addressed simply by paying close attention to the information they deliver.

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