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Considerations for a New Tank

Buckeye Fabricating

If you are planning to purchase a new custom steel tank, it’s important to consider your current and future needs to make sure you get a tank that will best serve you. Even if you are replacing a tank, now is the perfect time to make sure that you have the best equipment for the job.

All Buckeye Fabricating tanks are made to order, so instead of trying to make a standard product work for you, we customize to meet your application. Here are some design details to consider:

  • Tank material – mild (carbon) steel, 304 stainless, 316 stainless
  • Tank orientation – horizontal or vertical
  • Design pressure
  • Design temperature
  • Access type – elliptical manway, bolted manway, or hinged manway
  • Tank Supports – saddles, legs, skirtbase, or mount-lugs
  • Top/Bottom or End shape – dish, conical, flat, open, or removable
  • Surface finish – mill finish, sandblasted, glass bead blasted, painted, galvanized
  • Jacketed – materials, temperature, and pressure

If you don’t have all of the details yet, don’t worry. Our experienced sales staff works directly with you to help your unfinished design become a reality. Contact us today

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