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Alternative Buckeye Manways

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Many of our customers require a manway to access the interior of their tanks. For years, the industry standard has been to use an 18″ diameter (or larger) ANSI flange and blind to offer an opening large enough for a person to fit inside the tank. However, this type of design can be expensive and potentially dangerous due to the weight of the heavy ANSI blind. We at Buckeye Fabricating are able to offer two cost efficient and safer alternatives, depending on your design parameters.

Buckeye Bolt-On Manway

Buckeye Bolt-On ManwayThe Buckeye Bolt-On Manway is designed primarily for non-pressurized applications and is similar in design to a standard ANSI flange and blind. However, the Buckeye Bolt-On Manway utilizes a light weight custom cover. We can offer a blind cover that is not as heavy as the ANSI version because we can use thinner material and fewer bolts. The Buckeye Bolt-On Manway is perfect for tanks requiring API 650 code or for any non-pressurized storage tank.

Buckeye Hinged Manway

Buckeye Hinged ManwayThe Buckeye Hinged Manway is designed specifically for low to medium pressure applications. It is lighter, less expensive and far more convenient than a standard ANSI flange and blind. While an ANSI flange and blind is inherently thick due to being a flat surface holding pressure, the Buckeye Hinged Manway uses a dished head hinged to a matching hub which allows thinner and lighter materials. The Buckeye Hinged Manway also utilizes an O-ring and swing clamps to maintain a tight seal without having to worry about loose bolting.

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