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3 Things You Should Never Do When Having a Pressure Tank Fabricated

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From homes with private wells to large industrial plants, pressure tanks are silent, yet critical components that are essential to many processes. As such, it is vital that their construction and fabrication be of the utmost quality and dependability. For those considering having a pressure tank fabricated, there are three things that should be avoided to improve the purchase, design, and long term viability of your pressure tank.

3 Things You Should Never Do When Having a Pressure Tank Fabricated

Changing Design Specifications or Requirements

Perhaps the biggest frustration that can occur when purchasing a pressure tank is changing the design of the vessel once the design has been approved. It is strongly recommended that once the design is finalized, changes are not made. Introducing design modifications can contribute to drastic price increases and almost certainly create delays.

Underestimating or Overestimating Requirements

As mentioned, pressure tanks or vessels are critical components to many applications. Should a specification underestimate the requirements, the pressure tank will under perform and therefore not correctly fit the need. The same with overestimating the requirements. ASME calculations include a safety factor of 3.5 to account for some unforeseen circumstances. Both underestimating and overestimating can create significant cost issues, and potentially cause performance issues.

Emphasising Cost Over Performance and Safety

Naturally, companies want a lower cost option when it comes to any equipment purchase. However, when it comes to pressure vessels and tanks, always going with the lowest bidder for a project can cause problems over the long term. Pressure vessels are dangerous when not designed and implemented properly. Cutting costs can cause defects in the different elements that must come together for a quality pressure tank or vessel. Lower quality materials and subpar construction methods can result from emphasising cost over performance.

It is essential to work with a company dedicated to quality in order to get the right pressure tank for your specific needs and requirements. A company who has the knowledge and experience with fabricating pressure tanks can offer long term savings beyond the initial costs of design and construction. The main goal when it comes to purchasing a pressure tank is that the vessel will meet your specified design and maintain its performance over time.

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